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* Borrello Jazz Flute


Summer Jazz Flute Course 2016

Useful info:

Dates of course: 4,5,6, 7 August.

If you are not coming by car you will need to get to Pescara by the Wednesday afternoon before the course starts; so by max 17.00, Wednesday, August 3rd. From here I will organise us into cars to go up to Borrello. (The drive is about an hour) so everyone can get settled in, we can eat together, and start the course on Thursday morning. Arriving later than 17.00 in Pescara is a problem for coordination. Sometimes it is convenient to get to Pescara the day before (Tuesday) and have a day at the seaside before going on to the course.
There is no effective public transport link between Borrello and the rest of the World.
Pescara has an airport, a railway station, and regular direct coach links with both Rome airports.
For accommodation in Borrello we do an inclusive price negotiated with the only restaurant in town and hotels/bed-and-breakfasts. This should not be more than €60 a day, for the room and all meals.
There is no charge for the actual course.
The course will finish Sunday evening about 19.00. Most people stay that evening in Borrello and depart Monday morning, but some will choose to depart immediately.
During the course I will do a mix of masterclass and workshop so there will be individual attention and group tuition.
Level will be mixed and participants will be from different backgrounds.
I teach in two languages: English and Italian.
During the course I will do a concert with my band, and there may be other events in Borrello and neighbouring towns, apart from our final concert (in which you will be playing) on the Sunday afternoon. We will also organise a visit to the local wildlife area, which has Italy’s highest natural waterfall.

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