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*Educational Videos

Here are some short videos with ideas for how you might want to practice.
You will also find them on the facebook page Geoff Warren Flute Days.

I originally recorded them for a seminar in Bournemouth in June 2017.

Practicing Pentatonics

Geoff's Pentatonic Routine

As promised, here's a short help-file on the subject of pentatonics. You'll have to do some serious brain-bending work to break into this but, as always, the reward vastly outweighs the little input required.If you wondered how the great meastros glide through a seemingly effortless display of inventiveness when confronted with a chord sequence, it's all down to having the 'tools' built into their fingers and minds (and in various useful keys).It's like driving a car or riding a bike: if you had to use all of your conscious computing power to try to cope with every aspect of staying on the road and surviving,….. you wouldn't survive, or you'd be exhausted.Instead, you build the skills that you know you will need, then you call them up 'on the fly', the brain simply being the manager and artistic director of everything that's happening.Geoff rehearses these every day, which is why he's good at it: take note.Your turn!

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Scale practice

Jazz Flute Scale Routines with Geoff Warren

It's Monday, so it's video day again. Today's subject in this micro seminar, is an interesting approach to working at your scales with a view to preparing yourself for playing jazz. All of these videos are looking ahead to June, when Geoff will be here to teach classes, see individuals and play some gigs. Check your diary for the last weekend in June and we'll look forward to meeting up for an exciting time. 2018

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Starting and finishing

Starting and Finishing!

In this week's instalment Geoff discusses strategy when approaching a solo, -having an outline plan.

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Am7 to Dm7

Am7 to Dm7 Improvisation (starter)

To get you going, Geoff looks at a starter improvisation based on two chords and how to zero in on several things that will make for good musical sense as you experiment.

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Using Pentatonics

Using Pentatonics – intelligent approach

It's Bank Holiday Monday, so here's your special Bank Holiday Video….. Geoff shares a useful way of looking at working with chords and avoiding the obvious. The obvious, of course, is to head straight to the root note of each chord and instantly sound less good than you could with a little strategy.

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Blues Scale

Blues Scale for Jazz Flute

Geoff introduces more colour option for your improvistations with the Blues Scale. More strategy too, especially regarding context. Look up Blues Scales page on geoffwarren.com. Good luck.

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