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*Free Sheet Music

WORKSHOP IN ULM, November 2018.

Minor Blues on Monday

Minor Blues on Monday Flute

Borrello Waltzin’

Borrello Waltzin’ – Flute


Belgian Summer

Bel Sum Flutes A.Fl

Bel Sum Flutes fl1

Bel Sum Flutes fl2

Bel Sum Flutes fl3

Bel Sum Flutes fl4

Belgian Summer Midi

Blue Bossa

blue bossa Bor X – Alto fl

blue bossa Bor X – Fl 1

blue bossa Bor X – Fl 2

blue bossa Bor X – Fl 3

blue bossa Bor X – Fl 4

blue bossa fkutes midi

Prologue and Chorale

Prol and Chor alto fl

Prol and Chor Fl 1

Prol and Chor Fl 2

Prol and Chor Fl 3

Prol and Chor Fl 4

Prol and Chor Soloist

Prologue and Chorale flutes

Offset G Blues

Offset alto flute

Offset Flute 1

Offset Flute 2

Offset Flute 3

Offset Flute 4

Offset G Blues 5 fl


Diversipuss arr A.fl

Diversipuss arr Fl1

Diversipuss arr Fl2


Excuses and Dominant Sevenths

Excuses – alto fl

Excuses – Fl1

Excuses – Fl2

Excuses – Fl3

Excuses – Fl4


Take the Air Train

Air Train Flutes Fl1

Air Train Flutes Fl2

Air Train Flutes Fl3

Air Train Flutes Fl4

Air Train Flutes


Artic ex swing.mus

Artic ex 1

Articulations english only

minor blues scales

Penta scales min and maj

Pentatonic routine


Up and Around
A minor blues in jazz waltz time

Mr G.C – Alto Flute
Mr G C – Lead sheet
A ballad for alto flute, dedicated to the memory of Graham Collier.

Inspired by the Charlie Parker tune Diverse, with a little help from my cat. A sort of rhythm changes in A minor. Play swing, medium-up.

Hey Badal !
The transcription of the recorded version.

For flute and piano. Use this as an opener for improvisations or just play like it is. A recorded version for flute and guitar is on my Harvest Moon album.

For Soprano Sax and Flute Quartet (2 C flutes, alto and bass).
The soprano sax has the lead role and some solo improvisations, the flutes have some improvised fills. A recording can be found on my CD Flute Fables.

Rondo Counting Colours
Rondo parts

For Flute Quintet. (3 C flutes, alto and bass)
Contains solo and group improvisations. A recording can be found on my CD Flute Fables.

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