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*Free Sheet Music


Jazzatthons Repertoire

All Blues flute.mus

Autumn leaves C.mus

Blue Bossa flute

Cantaloupe flute

Comin home baby flute

Summertime Dm flute

Sunny C

Living in the Past

Living in the Past Alto Fl

Living in the Past Fl 1

Living in the Past Fl 2

Living in the Past Fl 3

Living in the Past Fl 4

Living in the Past AUDIO

Up and Around
Up and Around alto Flute

Up and Around Flute 1

Up and Around Flute 2

Up and Around Flute 3

Up and Around Flute 4

Up and Around AUDIO

Mushi Mushi

Mushi mushi flute 1

Mushi mushi flute 2
Mushi mushi flute 3

Mushi mushi flute 4

Mushi mushi alto flute

Mushi Mushi audio track

Scrapple from the Apple
Scrapple Alto Fl

Scrapple Fl 1

Scrapple Fl 2

Scrapple Fl 3

Scrapple Fl 4

Scrapple from the Apple Audio track.

Still a Friend of Mine
Still a friend Alto flute

Still a friend FL 1

Still a Friend FL 2

Still a friend FL 3

Still a Friend FL 4

Still a Friend of Mine -. AUDIO TRACK

Basic theory and practice sheets
m7 1
m7 ex
Dom 7 1
Dom 7th ex
maj7 1
maj7 ex
minor blues scales
Penta scales min and maj



Simplicity – flute
Simplicity chart

Rhythm changes in G with an alternative middle 8.

Up and Around

Up and Around
A minor blues in jazz waltz time

Mr G.C.

Mr G.C – Alto Flute
Mr G C – Lead sheet
A ballad for alto flute, dedicated to the memory of Graham Collier.

Inspired by the Charlie Parker tune Diverse, with a little help from my cat. A sort of rhythm changes in A minor. Play swing, medium-up.

Hey Badal !
The transcription of the recorded version.

For flute and piano. Use this as an opener for improvisations or just play like it is. A recorded version for flute and guitar is on my Harvest Moon album.

For Soprano Sax and Flute Quartet (2 C flutes, alto and bass).
The soprano sax has the lead role and some solo improvisations, the flutes have some improvised fills. A recording can be found on my CD Flute Fables.

Hi Geoff
Just to let you know the link to the Dmin warm up midi file is not working presumably because the file has not been uploaded by mistake?

Ok thanks, I’ll check it.



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