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*Free Sheet Music

Borrello ’19.

Winter Flutes

Winter Flutes – Alto flute

Winter Flutes – Flute 1

Winter Flutes – Flute 2

Winter Flutes – Flute 3

Winter Flutes – Flute 4

Winter Flutes

Autumn in Borrello

Autumn in Borrello – Alto Flute

Autumn in Borrello – Flute 1

Autumn in Borrello – Flute 2

Autumn in Borrello – Flute 3

Autumn in Borrello – Flute 4

Autumn in Borrello


Estate Flutes – Alto Flute

Estate Flutes – Flute 1

Estate Flutes – Flute 2

Estate Flutes – Flute 3

Estate Flutes – Flute 4

Estate Flutes

My Favorite Things

My Fave things arr – Alto flute

My Fave things arr – Flute 1

My Fave things arr – Flute 2

My Fave things arr – Flute 3

My Fave things arr – Flute 4

My Fave things arr


Afro Blue flute

Blue Bossa flute

Comin Home with backing and blues scale.MUS

Eboness flute

Little Sunflower C

my little suede flute

Serenade to a C flute.mus

Stolen Moments flute

Sunny C

Minor Blues in C

Minor Blues in F

WORKSHOP IN ULM, November 2018.

Minor Blues on Monday

Minor Blues on Monday Flute

Borrello Waltzin’

Borrello Waltzin’ – Flute


Artic ex swing.mus

Artic ex 1

Articulations english only

minor blues scales

Penta scales min and maj

Pentatonic routine


Up and Around
A minor blues in jazz waltz time

Mr G.C – Alto Flute
Mr G C – Lead sheet
A ballad for alto flute, dedicated to the memory of Graham Collier.

Inspired by the Charlie Parker tune Diverse, with a little help from my cat. A sort of rhythm changes in A minor. Play swing, medium-up.

Hey Badal !
The transcription of the recorded version.

For flute and piano. Use this as an opener for improvisations or just play like it is. A recorded version for flute and guitar is on my Harvest Moon album.

For Soprano Sax and Flute Quartet (2 C flutes, alto and bass).
The soprano sax has the lead role and some solo improvisations, the flutes have some improvised fills. A recording can be found on my CD Flute Fables.

Rondo Counting Colours
Rondo parts

For Flute Quintet. (3 C flutes, alto and bass)
Contains solo and group improvisations. A recording can be found on my CD Flute Fables.

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