Brilliant Moonstone

Six Sketches to see and hear the score.I wrote these pieces towards the end of summer 2014 at the request of various flautist colleagues who were telling me I should get back to writing for flute and piano. Five of the six pieces are dedicated to musician colleagues; all flautists except Walter the percussionist. The sixth is to myself, perhaps a portait of the artist as a young boy. These compositions, however, are not really meant to be portaits, just pieces dedicated to people I work with, and to some extent inspired by how I see them, so I have called them Sketches. The Sketches offer short expositions of themes which I hope will be enjoyable to play and to listen to. They offer some technical challenges for the flautist but are mostly in a ‘medium difficulty’ range, in attractive jazz/pop styles.

Pubblicato da Forton Music su Venerdì 9 giugno 2017

Italian Premier of my Flute Quartets

Sunday April 14th at the Sala Baldini Rome my recently published flute quartets:
A Stitch in Time
Eastern Fjords
Toppling Leaves

will be performed by the Fluticity Ensemble:
Marzia Del Biondo, Gabriele Di Iorio, Lorenza Summonte and myself.
The concert is part of the Incontri Musicali Severino Gazzelloni, an annual event dedicated to the flute.

Lounging around: “Alcool Dreams”

Alcool Dreams by Geoff Warren

In studio with Marzia Del Biondo (keyboards) and Andrea Gabriele (electronics), 2008.